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Solid Wood
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Real wood flooring or “parquet” refers to the type of flooring produced from wood usually issued from common trees (such as oak, walnut, or pine trees), from exotic or rare trees (such as palissander, ebony or purple heart), and in some cases from plants such as bamboo. The wood flooring takes mostly the shape of planks usually equal in length and width. The wood is graded depending on the purity of the planks, existence of knots and black spots, color variation, etc…
The parquet price usually varies in function of the wood specimen availability, the planks width, length, and thickness, and the grading. The wood can receive many treatments relative to color such as staining, heat treatment, or ammonium fuming; and surface finishing such as sanding, brushing, or hand-scrapping.

Benefits and advantages

Aside from the unique warmth and beauty that real wood flooring adds to a room, there are many more benefits to having solid wood flooring than you might think.
  • Unlike any other form of flooring, hardwood floors retain there beauty and value for years and years to come. They even gain charm with time, as like most other natural elements, it will continue to change. Due to factors such as ware and exposure to sunlight, the wood constantly evolves; this is called patina, and is a unique benefit of a solid wood floor.
  • Wood flooring is very easy to maintain.
  • It also offers an unlimited number of finishes to match each person’s tastes.
  • Wood flooring boosts the value of your property.
  • It offers excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • Solid wood does not collect dust and is therefore fitted for people who suffer some allergies.