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Fiber Ceiling
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Mineral fiber
Mineral fiber ceilings give you an extremely wide variety of choices when it comes to deciding what kind of ceiling is the one that you exactly want. Most of mineral fiber ceiling panels are impact resistant and you can also use water to clean them. In addition, those previously mentioned tiles are also scratch resistant, thus your ceilings can preserve their nice appearance for a long time.

The biggest advantage of mineral fiber ceiling panels is that with that you do not have to worry about mold or bacteria as the panels are made as healthy and as safe as possible.

The tiles are manufactured from high density rock wool. The visible face has a decorative fiberglass tissue. The four edges are sealed and square. The tiles will be parallel to grids system after installation.
Non-combustible. No sagging, wrapping or deteriorating. Environmentally benign building material. Effective sound absorption.

Budgets for continuous ceilings are very stable.
Safety: A continuous ceiling provides added fire protection that allows sprinklers and smoke detectors to activate faster.
Acoustics: Continuous ceilings increase speech intelligibility and speech privacy.
Energy: Continuous ceilings typically consume less energy. Lighting and heating/cooling in continuous ceilings require less maintenance and deliver consistent performance.