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Metal Ceiling
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The Modular Ceiling Tiles product range provides probably the most versatile and varied selection of mineral wool ceiling tiles, panels and planks available anywhere. There are an extensive selection of face patterns, along with a choice of edge details and a module size. From 300 x 300mm tiles, to planks 2500 x 400mm to panels 1250 x 1250mm. However, many of today's projects demand much more than just good looks. Performance is a key requirement expected in many suspended ceiling and the product range can offer products that will satisfy most situations.

Metal (aluminium & steel)
Aluminum ceilings are installed like all other drop ceilings as the panels are fitted to the previously built framework. Those ceilings are very endurable and look attractive even after long time. As aluminium ceilings consist also from different panels it is not hard to install further lights or ventilation to the ceiling.
To build those aluminum ceilings an aluminum alloy has been created to especially suit to manufacture those beautiful art metal ceiling panels. Aluminium is a corrosion resistant, very durable product that does not rust, unlike steel, which is used by some manufactures of pressed tin. The ceiling panels are still widely known as pressed tin even though they are not made from tin, but from long- lasting aluminum.
When special aluminium alloy is pressed into different ceiling panels it holds it shape permanently and hardens substantially. Aluminum ceiling is longer- lasting than a plaster ceiling. These ceilings will not rust or crack and the material that they are made from are non- porous, therefore it resists moisture and odor very well.